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Casement Windows

Casement windows are unique, hinged windows that swing outwards, similar to how a door operates. Typically attached to the frame by one or more hinges at the side, they provide a clear, unobstructed view since they don't have any rails in the middle. This allows for optimal natural light and an expansive view of the outdoors. With a handle for easy opening and closing, casement windows offer not just aesthetic appeal but also functionality.

Where to Install Casement Windows?

Casement windows are versatile and can be installed in various locations. Whether you're looking to brighten up a kitchen, enhance a living room view, or provide ventilation in a bathroom, these windows are an ideal choice. Their design makes them especially suitable for spots where it might be difficult to push up a window sash, such as behind a kitchen sink or in a tight corner, making them both a practical and stylish choice for any homeowner or establishment owner in St James, NY.


Why Casement Window Installation Is For You

Enhanced Ventilation

Casement windows open fully, unlike some other window types that only partially open. This allows for maximum airflow, providing your home or establishment with fresh air and reducing the need for artificial ventilation.

Unmatched Security

The design of casement windows ensures that they are harder to break into. When shut, the window sash presses against the frame, ensuring a tight seal. This makes them less prone to prying or break-ins, giving you peace of mind for your property's safety.

Energy Efficiency

The tight seal formed by casement windows not only provides security but also prevents drafts. This means a better-insulated home or business, resulting in savings on heating and cooling costs while contributing to a more environmentally friendly footprint.

Selecting the Right Casement Window Type

Single Frame Casement Windows

Single-frame casement windows have one large pane of glass in a single frame. This design gives a clear view outside. It's ideal for those who want an uninterrupted view with easy operation.

French Casement Windows

French casement windows feature two panels that open outwards. They don't have a central post. This means you get a wide, unobstructed view when both panels are open.

Push-out Casement Windows

Push-out casement windows open by pushing them out. They use handles instead of cranks. This makes them easy to use and gives a classic touch to any space.

Picture Window with Casement Flankers

This design combines a large fixed window in the center with casement windows on either side. The middle window doesn't open. The side casement windows do, allowing for ventilation.

In-Swing Casement Windows

In-swing casement windows swing inwards when you open them. This is opposite to most casement windows. They're perfect for places where an outward opening window might be obstructed.

Outswing Casement Windows

Outswing casement windows swing out when you open them. This is the more common direction for casement windows to open. They provide excellent ventilation and work well in many locations.

Your Guide to Casement Window Frame Replacement in St James


Vinyl Casement Windows

Vinyl windows are made from a plastic material called PVC. They are very affordable and require little maintenance. These windows resist fading and don't need painting.

Wood Casement Windows

Wood windows offer a classic look that many love. They provide natural insulation. Over time, they might need painting or staining to maintain their beauty.

Aluminum Casement Windows

Aluminum windows are strong and light. They resist rust and can handle tough weather. These windows often have a modern look.

Fiberglass Casement Windows

Fiberglass windows are strong like aluminum. They insulate better than vinyl. They can be painted and resist swelling, rotting, or warping.

Composite Casement Windows

Composite windows mix two materials, often wood and plastic. They offer the beauty of wood without much maintenance. They resist rot and decay.

Clad-wood Casement Windows

Clad-wood windows have wood inside and other materials outside, like vinyl or aluminum. The outer layer protects the wood. This means less maintenance and long-lasting beauty.

Steel Casement Windows

Steel windows are very strong. They give a sleek, modern look. They can last a very long time with proper care.

Our Casement Window Replacement Services in St James, NY


Customized Casement Windows

We create windows just for you. Tell us your design or size, and we make it. Your unique window will fit perfectly and look great.

Casement Windows Replacement

Old windows can be a problem. We take them out and put new ones in. Your home or business will be safer, look better, and save energy.

Casement Windows Installation

Got a new building or room? We put in the windows for you. Our team works quickly and does the job right the first time.

Commercial Casement Windows

Businesses need good windows, too. We have strong, big windows for shops, offices, and more. They look professional and save on energy costs.

Residential Casement Windows

Homes need windows that feel cozy and safe. We have many designs and sizes for houses, condos, or apartments. They are beautiful and keep the weather out.

Frequently Asked Questions About Casement Windows

Casement windows are hinged windows that open and close like a door, typically swinging outward. They offer a clear, unobstructed view as they don’t have rails in the middle, making them popular for their aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Yes, casement windows are known for their energy efficiency. Their design ensures a tight seal when closed, preventing drafts. This tight seal helps keep your home insulated, leading to potential savings on heating and cooling bills.

Casement windows are relatively easy to maintain. Regularly check the hardware and lubricate the crank mechanism as needed. For cleaning, simply open the window wide, and you can easily clean both the interior and exterior glass from inside your home. Using a soft cloth and mild detergent will keep them looking great.

Absolutely. Screens are commonly fitted on the interior side of casement windows. This allows the window to open outward without obstruction while keeping unwanted pests and insects out when the window is open.

While both provide excellent ventilation, casement windows open outward, operated by turning a crank. In contrast, double-hung windows slide vertically with two sashes that can move up and down. The choice between them often boils down to personal preference and architectural style.

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